Astragalus for Pet Health

Astragalus is used as a natural alternative to treat animal health conditions too. After examination, proper diagnosis, and elimination of dietary, owner, or physical exercise issues, veterinarians trained in herbal medicine prescribe tonics containing astragalus to treat a number of conditions.4

Condition Herbal Ingredient Percentage to
Whole Formula
Allergic Dermatitis Astragalus 20%
Burdock 20%
Cleavers 20%
Nettle leaf 20%
Red clover 20%
Chronic Pyoderma Astragalus 20%
Blue Flag 20%
Calendula 15%
Echinacea 20%
Poke root 5%
Hypoadrenocorticism Ashwagandha 40%
Astragalus 20%
Licorice 20%
Siberian ginseng 20%
Hyperadrenocorticism Astragalus 20%
Dandelion 20%
Gingko 20%
Milk thistle 20%
Rehmannia 20%
Prevent diabetic complications Astragalus 30%
Bilberry 20%
Globe artichoke 20%
Gymnema 30%
Perianal fistula Astragalus 20%
Barberry 30%
Echinacea 20%
Licorice 10%
Marshmallow 20%
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Astragalus 20%
Calendula 20%
Chamomile 20%
Meadowsweet 20%
Skullcap (Baical) 20%
Hepatitis Astragalus 20%
Bupleurum 20%
Ginseng 20%
Milk thistle 20%
Schisandra 20%
Pneumonia Astragalus 15%
Echinacea 35%
Fennel 25%
Garlic 25%
Chronic kidney disease Astragalus 25%
Cordyceps 25%
Nettle seed 25%
Rehmannia 25%
Immune support Astragalus 20%
Echinacea 40%
Licorice 20%
Oregon grape root 20%
High blood pressure Astragalus 20%
Ashwagandha 40%
Hawthorn 20%
Yarrow 20%

Experts suggest that astragalus may be an appropriate veterinary remedy for general immune support, heart disease, and cancer. Studies in cats and dogs show that astragalus can lower blood pressure and help with recovery from a heart attack.4

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