Also known as milk vetch, huang qi (or huangqi)

Natural Herbal Allergy Help

Herbal formulas containing astragalus help relieve seasonal allergies.

Allergies are common and come with considerably uncomfortable symptoms (similar to a cold). Allergy symptoms are caused by the immune system response to allergens. 16, 17

Studies suggest that astragalus can reduce allergy symptoms, especially runny nose. Seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, occurs when the immune system overreacts to outdoor allergens, while those with year-round symptoms are reacting to indoor substances. 16, 17

According to clinical studies, herbal formulations containing astragalus can offer relief from allergy symptoms:

  • Biminne. In a randomized, control trial involving 58 participants with year-round allergic rhinitis, those who took this Chinese formula five times a day for 12 weeks had decreased symptoms. Some participants experienced symptom relief for over a year. 16
  • Lectranal®. Participants treated with this astragalus-derived formula in a 6-week randomized, controlled study had significantly improved hay fever symptoms as compared to those who took the placebo. 17

Animal studies show that astragalus helps regulate the immune system cells and proteins known to be activated during allergies. These beneficial effects from astragalus help control inflammation in the nasal passages. Researchers also suggest that astragalus may actually be a safer alternative to drugs currently used to treat allergy symptoms. 101

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Specifically, A. membranaceus.