Also known as milk vetch, huang qi (or huangqi)

Help Prevent Skin Rash with Astragalus

Astragalus could help treat skin rashes like photodermatitis.

Astragalus is an herb commonly used in traditional medicines. It is used both topically and in oral herbal formulas. Recent research reveals that astragalus has anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps improve the immune system response. Both of these benefits mean astragalus may help treat or prevent skin rashes.(67)

Allergic Dermatitis

An allergic reaction to a drug can cause a red, itchy rash, hives, or eczema. According to some preclinical studies, astragalus ointment (at 10% strength), creams, and combination herbal topical treatments can help alleviate some of the symptoms.(4167214)

However, experts caution that sometimes allergic reactions have more severe (possible even fatal) clinical consequences. Because of this risk, if you are having an allergic reaction you may want to see a doctor.(41)


Photodermatitis is a chronic or acute skin condition. Some of the causes include:(42)

  • An abnormal immune system reaction to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of sunlight.
  • Toxic side effect of certain chemicals or medications triggered by UV rays.

Genetics and auto-immune diseases are risk factors for the condition.(42)

Clinical signs include sunburn, an oozing, scaly rash, or hives. Unfortunately, photodermatitis may also cause long-term skin damage such as hyperpigmentation.(42)

When used in combination with conventional medical treatment, astragalus may help protect the skin from UV rays that trigger photodermatitis. Experts suggest using 250-500 mg of a standardized astragalus extract 3-4 times a day.(42)

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Such as steroids or immunosuppressant drugs.(42)