Also known as milk vetch, huang qi (or huangqi)

Growing Astragalus at Home

Astragalus is a pretty addition to an herb garden and is easy to grow.

Did you know you can now grow astragalus in your garden? Since it is native to the northeastern region of China, with a climate ranging from harsh winters to humid summers, the Astragalus membranaceus species should be able to grow well in a variety of climate zones. With a sweet-pea like bloom, it can be a pretty addition to your herb garden. Astragalus grows to 3-4 feet high and prefers dry, sandy soils with sun to partial-shade. 18283

Astragalus roots can be harvested in the autumn, and more plants can be propagated from the seeds it produces. According to chemical analysis, seedling roots of astragalus have the highest levels of some particularly beneficial compounds. 8284

These compounds include: 84

  • Astragalosides
  • Calycosin (an isoflavonoid)

Roots are typically harvested when the plant is 4-7 years old and then either dried or cured with honey. If your local gardening shop doesn't carry astragalus, there are many sites on the internet you can order from. 182

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