Also known as milk vetch, huang qi (or huangqi)

Natural Herbal Acne Remedy

Astragalus can help clear up acne and make your skin look better.

Acne vulgaris affects the majority of the population from adolescence to age 25, but can even occur in some people well into middle age. Acne typically begins in puberty, when hormones can cause the skin's sebaceous glands to secrete too much oil. Called sebum, this oil clogs the hair follicles and makes skin oily. Oily skin is an attractive environment for bacteria, yeast, and other impurities that can result in inflamed, pus-filled pimples and other signs of acne.(14209)

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, imbalance from infection, poor diet, and stress results in impurities that the body tries to expel through the oily, clogged skin pores, resulting in acne. Research and clinical experience support the idea that acne tends to occur when the body's detoxification processes (controlled by the immune system) are compromised. Supplementing with astragalus or herbal formulations that contain astragalus can help clear these toxins by:(14209)

  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Healing infected and/or open sores.
  • Strengthening pores, helping to keep them unclogged and infection-free.

Topical Herbal Acne Treatment

Astragalus is also used in traditional Arabic herbal medicine (Unani). In one small clinical study, an Unani herbal cream was tested for its effects on acne. The cream contained multiple herbs, including astragalus, and zinc oxide.(234)

Thirty female patients ages 15 to 35 participated in the study. They were randomly assigned to either the treatment group (20 patients) or a control group (10 patients). Patients were not told which group whether they were in the treatment or control group.(234)

The herbal cream or a placebo cream was applied twice a day for 60 days. Results were measured in terms of lesions and other signs of acne at intervals during the 2-month period. Those in the treatment group showed significantly less acne compared to both before they study and to the placebo group.(234)

Acne in Mature Skin

The modern cosmetic and personal care industry takes advantage of the benefits of natural herbs, including astragalus. One such product uses astragalus to treat acne blemishes in mature skin. Created by the company Mibelle, AstraForce claims to offer both anti-aging effects and balanced sebum production. It promises to firm the skin while reducing and treating blemishes and other imperfections.(211)

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